Saturday, November 24, 2007

No Title!

Ugh. So many sketches and drawings to-do but no time to really go into things. I finished the assignment with the Miata. I don't care for it. Here's some stuff I drew this month. I will post my most recent illustration assignment some time next week. I haven't got much else to say other then I need my car!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Calender Drawings

These are drawings I did for a client who happens to be a fellow student of mine. As you can see, these aren't particularily clean drawings. I've had a lot of stuff to do lately and so I kinda' ended up doing these over a single weekend. There are two others, but I don't feel they need to be included. I sorta wish I drew the bike better on the first image. Actually, there's a lot I wish I would've done better, but it ain't bad for two days, I suppose.

I'm currently working on my third illustration project which involves a Miata. I haven't posted the second assignment because I haven't gotten it back and, also, because I feel the drawing can be done better. I will post all, sooner or later.

My E30's transmission died. I was hoping it'd merely be the oil, but it wasn't. Oh well. At least I accidently drifted the car getting on the freeway in the rain. The good news -depending on how you look at it- is that I'm going to probably end up getting a blue NA Miata with th 1.8 liter engine and Torsen differential. Life will be better when that happens.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Another Post

Wow, another one in the same day. I'm going to be doing 5 two page spreads using the Miata as the "main character" and so I decided it's probably a good idea to practice drawing cars cause' I ain't that great at it though I'm getting better. The project isn't due for a month so I have time to refine my technique or whatever. Drawing the miata, I really miss pushing through a corner in the canyons with neutral slide which the NA seemed to do so well. I don't even know that there was any skill involved on my part though I like to think there was.

There's something about driving that I love that I still can't get through drawing. See, I enjoy drawing because it requires skill and you can always get better and push yourself to do more and I can't wait to see how good I can get in the following year. The thing is, when you're full of rage or sadness or happiness, I find that nothing serves as a better medium for expressing that emotion than driving some roads in a car that can handle it. My crusty E30 325i, as you may have guessed, can't handle any of it. It makes me want to cry when I'm heartbroken and I can't assuage any of my anguish through driving. I need a MIATA!

I can't believe how bad I am with women. BAD! And I really am trying, too. Anyway, here're some doodles.


Since school has started again, I've found that, for whatever reason, I seem to enjoy pressure. I'm probably going to load up on 15 units next semester cause' right now I don't feel pressured enough. If I end up getting another Miata, I think I'll need to befriend a driver of an S2000 or an Impreza and have them tail me all the way to school just so I can feel pressured.

I drew this kinda' fast for Illustration class. I think my shading needs to be cleaner. There was more to this drawing but I got rid of it cause' it looks stupid. I suppose I'll start posting my school assignments here so that a year from now I can look at it and laugh.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Sketch Book

Hmm. This is stuff from my last sketchbook which is filled. School starts shortly and I'll have tons of time to draw in between my two classes and -thanks to the wonderful school atmosphere- lots of stuff TO draw. I'm making it my goal to really start rocking this year. I'll have better sketches next post. Until then, here's some stuff from last month.

The first batch are random. I notice that I didn't work much on full bodied poses (shame on me). My favorite drawing is of the dog. The second batch are a collection of faces from a story I wanted to work on in which three brothers fight to save their country from a growing terrorist faction or something. I like the bottom left face. I must draw more full bodied stuff!

As for my personal life, it's been relatively simple lately: Go to work, draw, and on Sundays go do something at a friend's house. Not that I'm complaining or anything; it's a decent enough life and it's temporary so things will ultimately be better and I'll be able to drive my E30 M3 or 94' Mazda Miata around the Nurburgring will still being a prolific illustrator. I'd drive more canyons if I had more sense.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm 25!

Yay, today's my birthday. I rock! I drew this and other crap today. I'm posting this cause' it's colored, even though I did a lousy job on the hair. She loves me cause' I drew her that way. My goal is to be famous by the time I'm 30!

In other news, I saw Transformers, went to Anime Expo with my friends Andy and Jill, and became a Jedi knight. I thought Transformers was fantastic for what it was worth. Anime Expo typically conjures images of smelly, overzealous otakus walking around and yelling out various anime quotes and battling with their cardboard swords. Though the fans WERE overzealous, there was no smell and many of the girls were hot. There was this chick dressed as Zelda that I wanted to take home with me. I'm kidding (no I'm not).

I didn't become a Jedi Knight, really. I simply don't have what it takes and I tend to succumb to carnal desires much too easily.

I will post more when less stuff in my sketchbook sucks. Anticipate the fun!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Stuff from sketchbook

Yay, I've got a blog. Go me! This stuff was drawn in my sketchbook with ball-point pen because I don't believe in pencil nor do I believe in erasing. I DO believe in white out and augmenting images in photoshop, which is just as cheesy -if not cheesier- than simply drawing with pencil and erasing.

About a month ago -but tracing all the way back to the beginning of the year (2007)- I decided I wanted to try my hand at fashion illustration because I like drawing people and, occasionally, clothes. Plus I like the idea of possibly working with a prevalent fashion designer and having consumers (particularily young women) mistake me for being that prevalent fashion designer and giving me credit they don't realize I don't deserve. But such is ignorance. Anyway, my goal is to be famous in the following 2 years, so I will be drawing lots and posting lots and hopefully not sucking lots cause' people who are famous typically don't suck.

1.) Ong was drawn on Sunday at Cal State Long Beach. I usually suck real bad on Sundays, and yet this drawing doesn't suck as bad as I would have anticipated. I color penciled it later.

2.) I've begun trying to draw full bodied figures. It's difficult because I usually just give up around the waist. Well, now the laziness is coming back to haunt me as I'm realizing just how difficult it can be putting the whole pose together. Semi-success here, I think.

3.) Long ago, a friend of mine and I played the Sims 2. Like many young males who have unfulfilling lives, we decided to create ourselves within the game and -so that our virtual selves' lives don't follow the same trend as their living, breathing counterparts- created some girlfriends. Enter the Nakazato sisters. Aya and Aki are daughters of former street racer Takeshi Nakazato and his wife, Adriana Lima. They're rich. Aki is cool and Aya is, well, cute, I guess. This is a rough portrait of Aya. I've been having difficulty portraying her as I want to (half Japanese, half whatever the hell Adriana Lima is) but I think this is okay...for now.

4.) Katya is based loosely off a girl I know who doesn't like me. Fair enough. If that's the way she's gonna' be then I'm gonna' make a character that looks sorta' like her, add an "a" to the end of her name, and make her a character of mine. In yo' face. I was gonna' clean up the full bodied image, but then decided enough time had been spent and that the face was the best part anyway. I have such trouble with drawing people from the back. Hell, I have trouble with drawing, in general.

That's all I have for now. Expect more later.