Thursday, June 21, 2007

Stuff from sketchbook

Yay, I've got a blog. Go me! This stuff was drawn in my sketchbook with ball-point pen because I don't believe in pencil nor do I believe in erasing. I DO believe in white out and augmenting images in photoshop, which is just as cheesy -if not cheesier- than simply drawing with pencil and erasing.

About a month ago -but tracing all the way back to the beginning of the year (2007)- I decided I wanted to try my hand at fashion illustration because I like drawing people and, occasionally, clothes. Plus I like the idea of possibly working with a prevalent fashion designer and having consumers (particularily young women) mistake me for being that prevalent fashion designer and giving me credit they don't realize I don't deserve. But such is ignorance. Anyway, my goal is to be famous in the following 2 years, so I will be drawing lots and posting lots and hopefully not sucking lots cause' people who are famous typically don't suck.

1.) Ong was drawn on Sunday at Cal State Long Beach. I usually suck real bad on Sundays, and yet this drawing doesn't suck as bad as I would have anticipated. I color penciled it later.

2.) I've begun trying to draw full bodied figures. It's difficult because I usually just give up around the waist. Well, now the laziness is coming back to haunt me as I'm realizing just how difficult it can be putting the whole pose together. Semi-success here, I think.

3.) Long ago, a friend of mine and I played the Sims 2. Like many young males who have unfulfilling lives, we decided to create ourselves within the game and -so that our virtual selves' lives don't follow the same trend as their living, breathing counterparts- created some girlfriends. Enter the Nakazato sisters. Aya and Aki are daughters of former street racer Takeshi Nakazato and his wife, Adriana Lima. They're rich. Aki is cool and Aya is, well, cute, I guess. This is a rough portrait of Aya. I've been having difficulty portraying her as I want to (half Japanese, half whatever the hell Adriana Lima is) but I think this is okay...for now.

4.) Katya is based loosely off a girl I know who doesn't like me. Fair enough. If that's the way she's gonna' be then I'm gonna' make a character that looks sorta' like her, add an "a" to the end of her name, and make her a character of mine. In yo' face. I was gonna' clean up the full bodied image, but then decided enough time had been spent and that the face was the best part anyway. I have such trouble with drawing people from the back. Hell, I have trouble with drawing, in general.

That's all I have for now. Expect more later.