Friday, October 5, 2007


Since school has started again, I've found that, for whatever reason, I seem to enjoy pressure. I'm probably going to load up on 15 units next semester cause' right now I don't feel pressured enough. If I end up getting another Miata, I think I'll need to befriend a driver of an S2000 or an Impreza and have them tail me all the way to school just so I can feel pressured.

I drew this kinda' fast for Illustration class. I think my shading needs to be cleaner. There was more to this drawing but I got rid of it cause' it looks stupid. I suppose I'll start posting my school assignments here so that a year from now I can look at it and laugh.

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AWD! said...

Kevin, I love this image. It shows some good character interaction and design. Do some more like this man! Push the designs some more too. Really charicaturize!.... uh... if you want that is.