Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm 25!

Yay, today's my birthday. I rock! I drew this and other crap today. I'm posting this cause' it's colored, even though I did a lousy job on the hair. She loves me cause' I drew her that way. My goal is to be famous by the time I'm 30!

In other news, I saw Transformers, went to Anime Expo with my friends Andy and Jill, and became a Jedi knight. I thought Transformers was fantastic for what it was worth. Anime Expo typically conjures images of smelly, overzealous otakus walking around and yelling out various anime quotes and battling with their cardboard swords. Though the fans WERE overzealous, there was no smell and many of the girls were hot. There was this chick dressed as Zelda that I wanted to take home with me. I'm kidding (no I'm not).

I didn't become a Jedi Knight, really. I simply don't have what it takes and I tend to succumb to carnal desires much too easily.

I will post more when less stuff in my sketchbook sucks. Anticipate the fun!


AWD! said...

Kevin... to become a Jedi Knight, you must learn the ways of the force. Take heed in the messages of the ones who were here before you, and always remember... Don't let yourself stray to the dark side....

Anyway, Happy Birthday ya big goob!

Animatrixie said...

Ugh....Man....I'm so sorry I didn't wish you at least a happy belated when you were here on Sunday! I knew your birthday was last week and I blew it....I think I'm just so preoccupied with all of this insanity that I totally missed the boat on it. Any way I can make it up??? :(

I'm glad you had fun at AX, I did, too! :)