Monday, September 27, 2010

More storyboards and sketches

Here's some more storyboard stuff that I'm posting so that I can monitor my progress through this mentor-ship thing. The one with snakes is for a film called "FANGS." The premise simply involved teenagers stranded on an island that was full of snakes. Me and four other students were assigned different chunks of the script. I was honored to be put in charge of the final action sequence but was a bit ashamed when I discovered that, of the 60-70 frames I completed, only this 16 frame sequence came out okay, and even it is in dire need of an establishing shot among other things. In any case, first time working with a director. I wonder if the movie ever got off the ground.

My first assignment with Mark was one that I chose to do: Medieval Times. I felt like a total bad ass while I was drawing these. That is, until I scanned them. I don't think they're bad, but they sure are dirty. I did everything I could to get rid of all the noise but, alas, it remains. Anyway, this is the best I've got thus far. I'll be finishing up a 4 page action sequence tomorrow (80-90 frames) so hopefully I draw them well.

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lzjzus1 said...

Its the guy from the sushi bar Jim. Love your work, your very talented. I was more fine arts and painting and sculpting in abstracts.

I wonder? your work is very well done and very well schooled. Can you get a style that is completely out of the box? Make it your own. Keep up the good work.