Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Drawings from Life (part 1)


So I drew a bunch of stuff Spring 09' that I never scanned and, consequently, never posted. So I scanned. It took forever, mostly because my current computer is on its last leg.

I took a "figures in context" class with Mark and apparently missed the point. I learned a lot, even if my brain is still trying to process the information. I'll post a lot of my stuff next time. My process is a bit strange, though. I'll do the gesture drawing in the time given, then at a later time, I'll come back and fill in information to see how well I know where stuff goes. At the end of the class, I realized that I really do like ink wash and water color.

The longer pose is from Robin's costume figure drawing class, again. I generally do better drawings when I have between 5 and 20 minutes.

My goal now is to do more field sketching of scenery, including buildings and landscape. I might have to start another blog dedicated to my sketches.

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